IDRA Fitness Center

IDRA Fitness Center




12:15PM-1:00PM – Boot Camp
1:15PM-2:15PM – ** Yoga

** FREE Class for IDRA Fitness Members
**Paid Class for Non-Members


11:45AM-12:30PM – Pilates


12:35PM-1:20PM – Extreme Step
4:30PM-5:30PM – ** Yoga

** Paid Class for All


11:15AM-12:00PM – Pilates
12:15PM-1:00PM – Boot Camp


12:30PM-1:15PM * Double/Triple Step

30 X 30: No time? No problem! If you want it all, this class is for you. With 30 exercises designed to define the abdominals, the upper and lower body, 30 x 30 is everything you have been wanting and more! Each of the 30 moves is different, challenging, and fun. Set your stopwatch…30 minutes will be over before you know it.

CARDIO KICKBOXING/ BOOT CAMP: This knockout class combines the power and precision of boxing and kicking with the energy of aerobics. Fight your way to fitness in a class that is both challenging and fun!

T.A.P.P. OUT/ BOOT CAMP: Looking for a way to maximize your time in the gym? If so, then T.A.P.P. OUT just may be the class for you. Challenge both your aerobic capacity and its anaerobic alter ego in a class that incorporates resistance and functional training.

GLOBAL GROOVE: Grab your passport & join the journey around the world! Global Groove will get you motivated to be fit, healthy, and happy. Every class is simple and easy-to-follow with fitness combinations inspired by different dance styles from around the world from Salsa and Samba, to Bollywood and Rock ‘n Roll, to Contemporary Pop.

ZUMBA: The perfect combination of Latin and international dance, upbeat music, fitness and fun! The class combines intervals of fast and slow rhythms with low impact, high energy dance moves. Each dance has a repetitive set of moves that are easy to follow, so everyone can do them.

CARDIO STEP EXPRESS: A high-energy class that combines innovative choreography with powerful, exciting moves designed to challenge your muscles.